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2008-07-03: Snapshot of DKS with javadoc available in the bottom of this page

2007-01-09: New non-blocking I/O implementation using thread pools.

2006-12-07: A PhD dissertation on DKS available

2005-07-30: DKS running on PlanetLab!

2005-03-01: Several DKSNodes can efficiently communicate over one node (good for simulation)

2005-02-05: Marshaller rewritten (more modular)

2004-10-30: Added correction-on-change algorithms

2004-08-15: Symmetric Replication implemented



DKS is a peer-to-peer middleware developed at KTH/Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) in the context of the european project PEPITO. It is entirely written in JAVA. Supports scalable Internet-scale Multicast, Broadcast, Name-based Routing, and provides a simple Distributed Hash Table abstraction.


The DKS team currently consists of (a.o.):



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Download DKS / JDHT

A simple "Hello World" example using the DKS DHT in JAVA Hello.java [color]

Latest daily snapshot of DKS, LICENSE, and README, external JARs needed xerces jbcl

Latest JAVADOC for DKS

DKS Middleware JAVA version CVSWeb

You can find JDHT (Java Distributed Hash Table) at http://dks.sics.se/JDHT